Working in Vietnam is a unique opportunity. Since it is a city of commerce and culture of great level, that in the last times it has impelled to the country with its energy towards a greater industrial and agricultural growth. This is the opportunity to work in this great paradise of a place.

In this article we will clarify your doubts about the process that allows you to work in Vietnam for periods of several months. It is important to note that an immigrant must obtain a professional or business visa. So that you can legally exercise long-term work functions.

To have access or right to what is known as a professional or business visa, it is recommended that you have a professional partner within Vietnam. An example: it would be, that your commercial partner is also your sponsor; in other words, an employer. That “employer” must show that the offer of work done to a foreigner (in this case you) is justified because you do not have that talent within the locality. All this must be processed to the corresponding authorities for legal approval. The employer must also ensure that all procedures are performed correctly for you; Once you send your personal information, your passport number and the expiration date of it. It is important to give the details of everything related to the purpose of your stay, the duration of the stay and the number of entries to Vietnam.

When it successfully completes the procedures, the Vietnamese authorities will send a copy of the authorization duly stamped and signed. You will then send two completed and signed application forms, a photo the size of a passport and a copy of your authorization to enter Vietnam.

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Work permit:
To be able to obtain permission it is necessary that you comply with all the criteria governed by the authorities of Vietnam. Something very important is that you must be of legal age (+18); be physically and mentally healthy and not have any criminal history internationally. One fact that will help you to be quickly eligible is that: The vacancy you are going to occupy is of high level as a manager or executive of a company.

Finding a job
The most appropriate way to find job information in Vietnam is through the internet. How classified in the network or companies that are responsible for hiring staff and managing this process. If you have friends or relatives in Vietnam, it is also essential because they can help you find a job. It is recommended that you study more about the different offers of the industry in the different regions of the country.

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