vietcong vietnam war
vietcong vietnam war

Deaths, Consequences of the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was fought between 1955 and 1975 to prevent the reunification of the territory. It is considered that the conflict started because it was intended to unify the two separate parts of Vietnam under a single government and different detractors and supporters emerged. In this article we will discuss some of the consequences that countries in war have, in particular the case of the Vietnam War that you may not know. As you can imagine, the consequences of wars are always terrible, not only in death balances, but also in terms of environment.

  • The battles took place in the territories of North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
  • It is estimated that almost 1,200,000 soldiers from the United States, Vietnam and also from other countries such as South Korea died in the war.
  • In addition, many civilians lost their lives. It is estimated that 2 to 6 million people in total could have died during the 20 years of the aforementioned Vietnam War.
  • More than one million people fled South Vietnam between 1975 and 1989.
    The former North Vietnam lost 70% of its industrial and transport infrastructure, 3,000 schools, 15 university centers and 10 hospitals.
    Other countries also suffered casualties, such as South Korea, which fought for the Americans and had more than 4,000 soldiers killed.

The conflict was also characterized, as we have seen, by the use by the United States of a napalm bomb (an incendiary bomb made of napalm, which was banned in 1980 by the UN) and Agent Orange (a chemical used by US troops in the United States). soil, to destroy agricultural plantations and desolate forests, in order to hinder the enemy’s hiding place, generating effects that last until today, such as malformations of children and contamination of soil in agricultural fields).
Among the many cruel situations of the Vietnamese war, it was one known as the My Lai Massacre: in 1968, US troops massacred 500 people, including the elderly, women and children in the Vietnamese town of My Lai.
The Vietnam War was an unprecedented conflict that, because of the political problems of its development, involved the whole world. Its consequences go beyond purely military (several million dead), and had a significant impact on the economies of the participating countries, in the environment and even in social issues, causing protests and pacifist movements in different territories. In this post we have explained what are some of the consequences of the Vietnam War so you can assess the scope of this conflict, which is remembered as one of the most important of the twentieth century and that affected a large part of the society of the area, especially civilians who lost their lives or who had to move within their country or outside their borders to seek a better opportunity.

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Vietnam War Bomber
Vietnam War Bomber

The conflict left more than a million dead (civilians and military) and twice as many mutilated and wounded. The war devastated agricultural fields, destroyed houses and caused very serious economic losses in Vietnam.


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