Vietnam Football Team

The national sub-23 football team of Viet Nam (in Vietnamese: ti tuyển bóng á U-23 quia gia Việt Nam) represents Vietnam in international football tournaments at the under-23 level.

The team is considered as the main team for the national soccer team of Vietnam. During the Southeast Asian Games in the Philippines in 2005, a betting scandal and match-fixing involving the former captain of the team, Lê Quốc Vượng, shocked the team’s reputation. The scandal destroyed several of the teams’ team careers, including the front and the fate of football soccer teams and the number of players also decreased drastically.

Remodeling and reactivation:

In 2007, the JMG Academy of Ho Anng Gia Lai – Arsenal is seen through the association with Arsenal FC, the JMG Academy and the Hoh An An Gia Lai Corporation, privately owned by Vietnamese, to revive the football scenes Vietnamese Through the training of Vietnamese young people in the academy, this was also made known to the new talented players who became part of the new generation of the U-23 team.

Team members:
Nguyen Quang Hai: Midfielder
Bui Tien Dung: Goalkeeper
Do Duy Manh: Defender
Nguyễn Công Phượng: Front
Luong Xuan Truong: Midfielder
Nguyen Van Toan: Foward
Tran Dinh Trong: Defender
Phan Van Duc: Midfielder
Pham Duc Huy: Midfielder
Doan Van Hau: Defender
Ha Duc Chinh: Forward
Vu Van Thanh: Midfielder
Nguyen Van Quyet: Forward
Nguyen Anh Duc: Forward
Pham Xuan Manh: Defender
Do Hung Dung: Midfielder
Tran Minh Vuong: Midfielder
Nguyen Thanh Chung: Defender
Nguyen Van Hoang: goalkeeper
Trinh Van Loi: Defender

Vietnam sub 23 football team
Vietnam sub 23 football team

Vietnam U-23 Soccer Team Championships:

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During the 2016 AFC U-23 Championship, under the direction of Japanese coach Toshiya Miura, Vietnam made its first debut in this tournament by successfully qualifying for the AFC U-23 standings in 2016. Positioned in Group I In qualifying, Vietnam for the first time over Malaysia by 2-1, although they lost to Japan by 0-2 in the next game. The team won a great victory over Macao 7-0 in their last group match, and then it was published in the group runner-up. Then, the team was placed in Group D, where we lost 1-3 to Jordan, 0-2 to Australia and 2-3 to the United Arab Emirates

Championship 2018 AFC U-23:

The team made its second start in this tournament with the South Korean coach Parque Hang-seo who qualified in the AFC U23 standings in 2018. Drawn again in Group I in the standings, the first match in his first match with a 4-0 victory over Timor-Leste before achieving a great 8-1 victory over Macao. Although we lost to South Korea by 1-2 in the group’s third game, Vietnam qualified for the AFC U-23 Championship as the runner-up of Group I. Subsequently, the team was placed back in Group D. They lost Once South Korea by 1-2, the team recovered and defeated Australia 1-0 before tying 0-0 with Syria … The team recovered in the group runner-up and subsequently became in the first team of Southeast Asia, along with Malaysia, which have been classified for the quarterfinals for the first time in the tournament, as well as in the history of both teams. In the quarterfinals, Vietnam takes place, a match is played, a 3 to 3 draw score is added against the former Iraqi champion, before winning the penalty shootout by 5 to 3, sending the team to semifinals The team met with Qatar, with the match ending in another draw from 2 to 2, where it won the match with its second round of penalties of the tournament from 4 to 3, which resulted in the first Southeast Asian soccer team in the History in reaching the finals. In the final, Vietnam lost to Uzbekistan 1-2, claiming second place.

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Thus, the Vietnam Sub-23 Team made history in the first Southeast Asian soccer team, in the Asian Football Confederation (AFP) runner-up, where there is a meeting with the Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc. On January 28 of 2018, he welcomed the Team praising his excellent performance and achievements in the continental tournament. the head of government between the work order in the first category in the national team and the third South Korean coach Park Hang-seo, midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai and goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung for their excellent successes in that competition.
He highlighted the special role of the Hang-seo Park in leading and inspiring confidence in its pupils and promoting its potential, making history for Vietnamese football.

Vietnam Football Players
Vietnam Football Players

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