With more than a dozen international border crossings, it is possible to enter Vietnam by land from Cambodia (through about five crossings), Laos (through six crossings) and China (at least through two crosses). It is important that you bear in mind that you must have processed your visa in advance and have it available at the time of entry to Vietnam from any of these countries.

Access to Vietnam from the Chinese border
Vietnam shares about 1300 kilometers of land borders with the People’s Republic of China. Starting from the trifinio with Laos to the Gulf of Tonkin. Here you can find three border crossings: from Dongxing you can reach Mong Cai, from Ping Xian to Dong Dang and from Hekou to Lao Cai
Access Vietnam from the Cambodian Border.
It comprises approximately a border area of ​​approximately 1230 km. You can find five border crossings: Bavet – Moc Bai, Kaam Samnor – Ving Xuong, Phnom Den – Tinh Well, Prek Chak – Xa Xia, Le Thanh – O Yadao. The passage Bavet – Moc Bai was the first crossing open to foreigners between both countries and still continues to be the most popular.

Vietnam Passport
Vietnam Passport

Access Vietnam from the Laos border.
The border between Vietnam and Laos covers some 2161 kilometers in a north-south direction, where you will find the following border crossings: Sop Hun – Tay Trang, Na Maew – Nam Xoi, NamCan – Nam Khan, Nam Phao – Cau Treo, Dansavanh – Lao Bao, and finally Bo Y – Ngoc Hoi. The passage of NamCan – Nam Khan is the popular election crossing with an approximate duration of 12 hours and a route of just over 400 km is recommended for the city of Laos of Phonsavan and the great Vietnamese city of Vinh, on the other hand Dansavanh pass – Lao Bao for being the first land border open to foreigners between Laos and Vietnam, remained for a long time as the majority election, however the vast majority currently opt for the near crossing to Lak Xao.

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When crossing a land border, remember!
Have knowledge about if it is necessary to have a visa to enter the country you are going to visit, if you can process it at the border or it is necessary to do it with much anticipation.

Go to the customs of the border town of the country where you are going to leave, to seal your passport.

Cross the customs obtaining the stamp of entry to the new country in your passport.

Backpacking in Vietnam
Backpacking in Vietnam

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