vietnam girl facts
vietnam girl facts

It is a fact that the girls of Vietnam, are usually really beautiful, so much so that they can be cataloged as beautiful as the Japanese or Korean. However, it is very common that they are offered online or in catalogs to find marriage with people from other countries. And although it sounds risky, many do it in search of a better life or the easiest way to flee their country. Marriages of Vietnamese women with foreigners, promise to have a wonderful fairy tale life through agencies, who work in this medium to advertise to different Asian countries and the world.

Although on the other hand that fairy tale does not always turn out to be ideal and as they expected, there are many Vietnamese women who claim to have gone through the worst experience of their lives. When they decided to go on sale to get an ideal husband and leave their country, without knowing that what awaited them was to live a bad marriage experience.

Beautiful Vietnam girls
Beautiful Vietnam girls

These contracts that are usually arranged by these agencies, have a cost that varies from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000, depending on the value that the future wife has in the catalog. Then the future husband prepares to make a small ceremony with the relatives of the bride, in his hometown, and then take her out of Vietnam.

Vietnamese youth and adolescents.

Without a doubt, we are living in new times of change, where equality and freedom of expression has reached almost every corner of the planet. Modern times and new generations have given a radical change.


What draws the attention of Vietnamese society is the emergence of a fast and emerging middle class in the big cities. One of the most amazing characteristics of the Vietnamese society, and that social growth attracts tourists and investors from all over the world, which opens the doors to young women who need or want easy money and put their beauty on sale.

His traditional costume comes from Paris

Of course not everything can be negative. The representation of the Vietnamese woman with her long hair and her beautiful silk dresses that move with from the wind, when they ride their bicycles, in case you did not know it are stamped on many photographs all over the world, also on postcards and even portrayed by any artist in their works of art.
The origin of the dress dates back to the eighteenth century, at the time were used by Parisian women and result that Vietnam was part of the French Indochina colony, They took that style of dress.

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