vietnam facts for kids
vietnam facts for kids

Hey buddy! Would you like to learn interesting details about a very special place? Well you are in the right place, here you will know relevant data about a country called Vietnam; we will talk about your culture, your climate, your language, relevant history, sports, gastronomy and many more, so enjoy a good educational reading.

Do you know where Vietnam is?

Vietnam is a country that is geographically located in Southeast Asia, in the peninsula of Indochina. Its full and official name is the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The countries that limit Vietnam are China, Laos and Cambodia. There are several countries that are labeled as socialist, for example: Cuba and Venezuela but Vietnam is today the only country in the world that is officially titled as a Socialist Republic. Vietnam has a population of about 90,000,000 inhabitants and its capital city is Hanoi, which has an estimated population of 6,500,000 people, is the second largest city in Vietnam. The largest city has 7,500,000 inhabitants and is called Ho Chi Minh.

What is geography like in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a very, very long territory. Although in turn it is quite narrow, very similar to Argentina geographically. Vietnam has a good part of its territory, with a wooded area, which is constantly deforested. Vietnam It borders with part of the China Sea and its territory, with Laos and Cambodia.

Let’s talk about the history of Vietnam

Vietnam is not only known for the war it had with the US, which we have seen many times in films. It is also a town famous for its ancient civilization and other monuments; like the ancient city “Hội An” and “Hué”. Your country has a holy land that they call “MỹSn”.

vietnam facts for kids
vietnam facts for kids

Something about the fauna and flora of Vietnam

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Vietnam, has a large number of animals that are not found in other parts of Asia; like Elephants, chimpanzees, tigers, oxen, among a host of exotic birds that resides only in this part of the planet.

Vietnam has two weather stations; Winter that goes from November to April, which is very cold and humid. And a summer that is the rest of the year that is very warm. The months where the heat gets much stronger go from March to May. There is also a season known as “monzón” which consists of the strongest rainy season of the year.

World Sports of Vietnam

Vietnam, has sports teams in various disciplines, such as football; He currently has a national football team that represents him internationally during the FIFA competitions, he also has a local league, where 24 teams participate for the championship.

Vietnam won its first Olympic medal at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016, in the discipline of compressed pistol. In addition to giant steps in tennis, indoor soccer, swimming and fencing.

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