Vietnam City Trade
Vietnam City Trade

The World Logistics Passport is expanding to Vietnam: The passport is a loyalty program that was established to create better trading opportunities for emerging markets.

Frameworks have been signed when The Vietnam Logistics Business Association registered as a partner making a World Logistics Passport hub in the country’s.
After other Asian countries like Thailand and India have already signed now Vietnam is the fifth Asian country onboard. Over ten countries have now committed to the initiative and some major corporations such as UPS and Pfizer are also members.

The Vietnam Logistics Business Association provides logistic services for nation wide freight helping to grow business’s in Vietnam. Vietnam has shown to be one of the worlds most dynamic economies and a true emerging market. Between 2002 and 2018 Vietnams GDP increased by almost 3%, empowering close to 50 million local people lifting them out of poverty.

The framework is designed to strengthen relationships between emerging regions and shares in the same mission as The Vietnam Logistics Business Association.
The chair of The Vietnam Logistics Business Association recently signed the partnership while stating “Trade is critical to our country’s continued economic prosperity in the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The successful implementation of this Agreement will surely enhance the relationship between our two countries and contribute to developing the trade between Vietnam and the rest of the world.”

Further adding: “As part of the WLP, we look forward to expanding our commitment to current logistics trading partners as well as new partners in the region and beyond as we gain access to new markets and diversify trade. In addition, we welcome the opportunity to strengthen and build relationships with other parties in the WLP, as we collaborate, sharing knowledge and skills.”


The World Logistics Passport aims to improve, strengthen and create opportunities across the region.

Vietnam trade passport
Vietnam trade passport

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