Nathan Phillips is a Native American from the Omaha tribe
Nathan Phillips is a Native American from the Omaha tribe and Vietnam war veteran

Its a Fact of Nathan Phillips is a Native American from the Omaha tribe. He was born on February 22, 1954 in Lincoln, Nebraska, one of the fifty states that make up the United States of America.

His first years of childhood took place in a traditional tribal home of the Omaha Nation. Later close to five years of age he was separated from his mother biological by social services, where he was welcomed and raised in a white family, who called him Nathaniel Richard Standard. Due to this separation he grew away from his origins and without the possibility of learning the Omaha language. He studied at Lincoln Southeast High School and then moved to Washington DC. At the age of 15, he escaped with the intention of locating the Omaha reserve in Nebraska to find his mother. The following year, he fled to the reserve with a misconception that they were still hunting buffalo and living in loincloths, but he was rejected and after seeing himself in this situation and fed up with the treatment given him by his guardians in his supposed home (abuse and beatings ), he escaped to Kansas at age 17, where he ran into a Navy recruiter.

Phillips participated in the military service in the Marine Corps from May 20, 1972 to May 5, 1976, the last years of the Vietnam War era, according to a spokeswoman for the Corps, but did not serve anywhere near Vietnam or in any theater of war. During his time of service I did not have any deployment and was decorated with a Medal of the National Defense Service. For a short period of time he had the occupational military specialty of 0351 antitank missiles and was then assigned as technician of 1161 refrigerators in Nebraska and California.
According to some sources of information from the state of Lincoln, Phillips would have been accused of several crimes, such as driving negligently and without a license. Phillips is frustrated by allegations by some commentators that he missed his duties in the service, even calling him a liar. He believes that if people knew the unsettling truth after those years of his life, perhaps they would put a stop to the attacks against his person after an incident at the Lincoln Memorial, where a march was held for the indigenous peoples.

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Nathan Phillips is a Native American from the Omaha tribe and Vietnam war veteran
Nathan Phillips is a Native American from the Omaha tribe and Vietnam war veteran


Nathan Phillips was nicknamed ‘uncle Nate’ and has been a constant activist who has been working on the creation of a system of care and nurturing administered by American Indians for American Indian children. He participated in the mobilization against the Dakota oil pipeline, camping in the territory of the project, and last year led the march of prayers that commemorated the anniversary of its completion. He also performs cultural works with groups of young people through the Native Youth Alliance: “They are my teachers”, he says about them.

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