The Golden Bridge Vietnam
The Golden Bridge Vietnam

The Golden Bridge, is the name that has been given to this bridge, which opened its way to visitors at the beginning of June, in the tourist refuge of Thien Thai Garden. Since then he has received millions of visits. The mountains over Da Nang in Vietnam is where you will find a unique piece in the world, a pair of giant hands that hold a gilded and bright bridge facing the hills of Ba Na.

The bridge is located at 1,400 meters above sea level and offers an almost movie image. The length of this bridge is 150 meters, divided into eight well-differentiated sections. Along each perimeter, they have decided to place a line of Lobelia Chrysanthemum flowers to create a much more photogenic optical effect since there is little left for the Golden Bridge to be the most photographed bridge of the moment. The giant’s hands are part of a tourism strategy of the Ba Na Hills mountain complex, which was founded by French settlers in 1919. Although the city of Da Nang had up to 200 villas, nowadays only ruins can be seen They accompany a small French village and a park called Fantasy Park. The realism and majesty of the hands that hold this bridge have captured the attention of visitors and the international press, at a time when tourism in Vietnam is growing. In less than two months, the construction has attracted a large number of tourists who can not help but capture with their cameras the grandeur of this attraction located in the Ba Na Mountains.

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The design of this bridge, which seems to come from the series Game of Thrones or the world of Lord of the Rings, was in charge of the Vietnamese architecture and design company TA Corporation. Its objective was “to evoke the image of the hands of the god of the mountain pulling a vein of gold from the earth”, as published by El PaĆ­s.

The bridge, which is more than a way of joining two points is a tourist attraction, has received hundreds of visitors for almost two months, according to what was published by the newspaper El Comercio. Along each perimeter there is a line of Lobelia Chrysanthemum flowers, which adds an additional layer of color to the gold balustrades. The pair of giant hands has been finished with a degraded effect, creating the illusion of age and antiquity.

And to represent that idea, they built two giant rocky hands covered with moss (which gives the appearance to be there since the beginning of time) that “hold” this long golden bridge. Of course, the architect Vu Viet Anh of TA Corporation, clarified that the hands are built with steel and fiberglass, and the bridge with stainless steel bathed in gold. In spite of that, it is still an Asian luxury that will make you feel that you are in the sky in the middle of the clouds.
“Golden Bridge”, this is the name of this new colossal architectural creation that has left us unblinking and with few words. It has become the most photographed place in the world in 2018, and it is in Vietnam !!

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