Vietnamese Beauties
Vietnamese Beauties

Great diversity is an everyday part of the Asian reality. The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Korea and Japan are much more different from each other-from the countries of Europe or Latin America. Every day, millions of happy tourists visit Asia to discover the ancient cities and taste their famous food. The beautiful faces of Asia have captured the attention of many international travelers. Asia is diverse and interesting for tourists from the north and the west. The different faces of Asia are complex and simple at the same time. For visitors from the West, it takes a long time to see the differences between Asian faces. Visitors will have to look deeper into Asian cultures, if they want to understand the beautiful faces of Asian women. The food and traditions of a country can explain why Vietnamese faces are long and the faces of Malaysia are all year round.

Women are considered a fundamental force and a decisive factor in the development of Vietnamese society. Over the course of the thousands of years of national history, Vietnamese women have not only maintained the race of Lac Viet, but have also contributed a lot to the struggles against natural calamities and territorial integrity, with their industriousness, tenacity , courage and sacrifice. Nowadays, they insist every day on affirming their progress and their social integration. Their favorite skills are singing, dancing, massaging, cooking and dancing. His sensitivity to other people’s feelings is enormous. That’s why they are very good friends. His passionate nature and hardworking nature are his unique character. The beautiful women of Vietnam are known to work harder than men, The exotic women of Vietnam are strong and very determined to solve the challenges of life. Their attractive faces are often smiling, because their positive soul are beautiful.

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They have a long history of being feminine and loyal. They believe in the value of romantic relationships and marriage. A Vietnamese woman respects her husband, and supports her emotions. Usually, they allow the family leader in the future. Vietnamese women are also very understanding and intelligent. They are tall, thin and healthy looking with a golden skin. His characters are special calm in Asia. His ability to show empathy makes him very accessible and friendly. Its sweet character and traditional beliefs are its unique qualities. They are good housewives and very popular among the rich men of China.

The Vietnamese woman is also known for her beauty, especially with the traditional ao dai tunic that boasts of sensuality, softness and grace. Nowadays, Vietnam is considered one of the 50 most valued countries in the beauty contests of the world, according to analyzed Global Beauties, website specialized in promoting the voting and classifying the miss participants in the most important beauty contests. Years ago, she achieved remarkable achievements in the international arena, such as Miss Vietnam 2004, Nguyen Thi Huyen, who was in the Top of the 15 Miss World 2005 and Miss Vietnam 2006 Mai Phuong Thuy, in the list of the 17 most beautiful of the Miss World Contest 2006. In the Miss International 2011 contest, the Vietnamese contestant Truong Tri Truc Diem was among the Top 15. Even the first beauty forum, Missosology, predicted her as Miss International that year.

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