Nha Trang Vietnam City
Nha Trang Vietnam City

It is a fact that Nha Trang is recognized mainly for its beautiful sandy beaches. However, there are also many entertainments for the whole family, where you can find amusement parks for children, historic temples such as Po Ngar, some very well preserved golf courses, and even mud baths to rejuvenate the skin. There is also a wide range of hotels and restaurants. Where tourists can taste new foods typical of the region such as the popular dish bun cha ca, which consists of a soup made of sailfish and jellyfish.

How to get to Nha Trang
Undoubtedly, Nha Trang, is one of the main tourist destinations in Vietnam, is communicated by air, road and train with the rest of the country. People who want to go to Nha Trang by plane, can do so by going to the Nha Trang International Airport which is located about 25 kilometers from the city.
Beaches of Nah Trang

Nha Trang Fishing
Nha Trang Fishing

It is painful when you compare Nha Trang to other destinations in a negative way and to dirty your good reputation, but you only need to visit its beaches like those of Doc Let and Bai Dai, which are well known, although if you want a more adrenaline experience. We recommend you to go to the outskirts of the city where you will find the best in the region.

Another interesting thing about the beaches of Nha Trang is that they have good weather for almost 11 months during the year. Something very difficult to get in any other beach.

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Nha Trang Vietnam Facts
Nha Trang Vietnam Facts

Interesting facts about Nha Trang
There are many curiosities and places that you can visit in Nha Trang such as:
Pagoda of Po Nagar and Cham Towers: Without a doubt, this wonder of Hindu style belongs to one of the most famous attractions of the city . They date from the government of the Cham kingdom. They are located north of Nha Trang, on top of a mountain.
Pagoda Long Son: It is located just like Pagoda of Po Nagar and Cham Towers on the top of a mountain and is the main Buddhist temple of the city, it has the view of a gigantic sculpture of about 20 meters of height of a sleeping Buddha.

French Gothic Cathedral: Nha Trang, not only has sites and resorts native to your country. It also has European culture in the French style. The cathedral keeps its French servants gathered religiously and a broad Catholic community worships this cathedral. It is located in the heart of the city and is visited by hundreds of people and tourists every day.

Gastronomy of Nha Trang: If you are visiting this magical city. You must taste its rich cuisine which is essentially based on fish and seafood.

nha trange food
Nha Trang Food

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