mui ne facts sanddune
mui ne facts sanddune

One of the most famous beach destinations in southern Vietnam.
Mui Ne, is a geographical cape that is located in the city of PhanThiet (capital of BinhThuan Province), about 230 kilometers away from the city of Ho Chi Minh City (). In Southeast Asia you can find beaches, jungles, mountains, caves and rivers. In Mui Ne is located Rang beach (Bai Rang), but we can also find other beaches such as Doi Duong beach to the southwest of Phan Thiet. This small town offers a wide variety of hotels, bars, restaurants and shops.

Although it is not precisely its beaches that makes Mui Ne a tourist attraction, here is one of the most spectacular places in Vietnam and we refer to a small desert similar to the Sahara where you can observe a set of spectacularly large sand dunes, also many people come here for the kite surfing, some of the best in Vietnam and even the world!

Also in this area one will find amazing cute fishing village, where you can see thousands of tiny boats in the water fishing, and eat local fresh produce.

mui ne beach facts vietnam
mui ne beach facts vietnam

Sand dunes.
Vietnam has a desert full of sand dunes, something that is not common to find in a tropical country. This desert zone goes from the province of BinhThuan to NinhThuan, being its most attractive part the one that is located in the surroundings of Mui Ne, and is that at only 10 km from Mui Ne is the Desert of White Sand (BauTrang) and only 3 km away from the Red Sand Desert (Doi Cat).
The White Sand Desert is very impressive, with several kilometers of extension comes from nothing in the middle of the field and as you pass the first dune you will feel like you are in the middle of a great desert, surrounded by sand everywhere. One of the attractions that we can find in these deserts is the plastic sledges to slide through the dunes, as if they were snow sledges, these are offered by children who will kindly teach you the technique of sliding through the sand and in exchange for some money.

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mui ne facts sanddune
sand dunes of mui ne

The lake BauTrang.
With an area of ​​70 hectares approximately, in its widest reaches 500 meters. Its depth is 19 meters, and we can rent a small boat for a quiet and relaxing walk on the lake. In the place you can see lotus flowers, herbs and fish. You are allowed to take a dip in the lake, which does not fall badly because of the heat it makes in the area.

mui ne facts fishermen
Fishermen of mui ne fishing villages

The stream of the fairies
An interesting place in Mui Ne without a doubt is the stream of the fairies, called Suoi Tien in Vietnamese. This stream flows zigzagging between an area of ​​red dunes and a bamboo forest. The dunes of reddish color, added to the erosion of the passage of time, give us a resemblance to a very small version of the a greatCanyon like the one of Colorado.

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