its a fact of Vietnam that Vietnamese villages are best explored by push bike.
its a fact of Vietnam that Vietnamese villages are best explored by push bike.

Vietnam is a country, located in the Asian continent, specifically the region of the Indochinese peninsula. It is a country known for its armed conflict with the US known as the Vietnam War that ended in 1975 with the triumph of the Communist North over the South and the expulsion of US forces from the country.

Geography of Vietnam.

Vietnam has an estimated 90 million people, being one of the 20 most populated countries in the world and occupying the eighth place in the Asian continent. The name of the country is translated as South Viet. In 1945 the place name was officially named the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, who was then its president Hồ Chí Minh. The limits of Vietnam are bounded by the north with China, by the east with the coast of the Chinese sea Laos by the west and by the south part of Cambodia. The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi, from the end of the Vietnam War of North Vietnam and South Vietnam in 1976.

vietnam factss
vietnam facts

Vietnam and its Languages.

Vietnam is a purely communist country, maintains bilateral relations closely with the Cuban government. While the armed conflict was going on, the best Vietnamese students left for Cuba to study, that is why they are able to speak Spanish perfectly, just as it is spoken in the Cuban country. In addition, they have clear command of the English language, as they have many tourist areas. However, it is still difficult to communicate in some rural places in a language other than Vietnamese.

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The Vietnamese and their hats.

One of the things that differentiates Vietnamese people from other people, are their Vietnamese hats, it is not such a curious fact because it is very common to see the appearance on television, film, internet and is a peculiar way that Vietnamese have to distinguish themselves of the Chinese.

The Vietnamese hat is also used outside of Vietnam and is very commercialized by the rest of the Asian continent. It is made of bamboo tied with threads. Mostly it is used as a souvenir for tourists that has the function of protecting from the sun and also used to collect water that falls from the rain.

Vietnam facts 1
Vietnam facts 1

How to sit in Vietnam?

The people of Vietnam are very disciplined and educated; Much more in the way of greeting and sitting. For many it is surprising and at the same time I miss the technique they use to sit down. The skill they use is somewhat complicated, what they do is that without supporting the bottom on the floor and bending the legs they manage to be able to maintain balance and also stay comfortable.

It is something really incredible both Men, women, elderly and children, for anyone of Vietnamese origin this subtle way of sitting is developed very easily, which for others is somewhat curious. If you are a tourist there are many places like restaurants where there are stools that allow you to rehearse this peculiar way of sitting.

Driving a motorcycle in Vietnam.

Another fact about Vietnam is; Without a doubt, his motorcycles. It is very common in Vietnam that most people drive motorcycles because buying a car is really expensive. This is why traffic in Vietnam is disastrous, motorcycles move along the sidewalk, in the opposite direction, do not respect the traffic lights, pedestrians are at risk of being run over is a real adventure.

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