Vietnam Immigration Stamps
Vietnam Immigration Stamps

There are several ways to obtain a visa for Vietnam, the first option is to apply for a tourist visa at a Vietnamese embassy or consulate, if your intention of arrival is by land this is your option. The second method is to make the process for the Vietnam tourist e-visa, this type of visa is only useful if you are going to get to Vietnam through the airport. Another visa option is currently under discussion but is still under discussion by the Vietnamese government.


Before thinking about a visa option to visit Vietnamese territory, I invite you to check the official website of the embassy of Vietnam to know if your country requires a visa or not, you can do it by consulting here:

However it is notable that the number of countries that excludes the visa is limited. If your passport for example is from the United States, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe. No doubt you will need a visa.

Passport Vietnam
Passport Vietnam


After an in-depth investigation, a series of questions and questionnaires to people who have entered the territory of Vietnam it can be said that the visa process is much simpler online than through embassies but as mentioned above; If your trip involves crossing by land you will not have an option and you must request the second option. The differences that we can highlight are the following:

· You will not have to send from one place to another any identity document, such as your passport.

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· Everything is online, this means that you will not have to spend long periods in rows either in Vietnamese embassies or consulates to process your application, nor be waiting for the mail for the arrival of the document.

· There are several countries like some Latin American examples (Brazil, Peru) where it is much cheaper to pay for the online option than what it costs through the embassy, ​​for most countries the prices are very similar.

· The online process is very fast after filling out the questionnaire and accepting the terms. The application for your Vietnam tourist visa should not take more than an approximate period of three working days. It should be noted that with this visa option you will have the same official value as the visa issued by the embassy of Vietnam. With the exception that you plan to enter by land.

Vietnam Visa
Vietnam Visa

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