Largest known cave passage in the world
Largest known cave passage in the world

Biggest Cave in the World, Vietnam

Hang Sơn Đoòng is known as the biggest cave in the world. It’s a remarkable spot for tourists, not only
for its enormous expanse and novelty, but also because it’s more of a recent discovery.
It’s like being the first to explore a world wonder that’s been in existence for over 3 million years. In fact,
it’s so popular that at most times there’s a 2-year wait list to gain access to its majestic depths. It’s the
largest cave in the world, with more than 38 million cubic meters in volume.
Because it’s been unexplored for so long, it’s also preserved its natural beauty. Unmarked by industrial
ambition or overuse from littering and aloof public, it’s a truly authentic geological location.
This is one of the top Vietnam facts of all. It may not be the deepest cave in the world, but nobody had
ever explored and documented its size until late 2010, due to its immense drop in escalation near the

Stalactite's are thousand of years old
Stalactite’s are thousand of years old

Deep within its caverns, this cave houses a mighty subterranean river. You can hear it rushing from
underneath the ground, all the way up to the entrance. This is one of the major reasons why local people
and even professional expeditions had refrained from descending the depths of the Son Doong for so
long, as there wasn’t a guaranteed return trip.
The Hang Sơn Đoòng cave is now a popular tourist attraction that’s been open to the public since 2013.
Hang Son Doong – the adventure of a lifetime
It’s little wonder why so many people would want experience a Son Doong cave tour. Imagine exploring
a great 200 meter-wide, natural underground tunnel that’s adorned with limestone, in the heart of a
Vietnam jungle.

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Its previously untold beauty is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Its grand entrance, a mystifyingly large
cave opening in the midst of mountainous jungle and gorgeous beaches, would have to be seen in
person to be truly appreciated.
Guided tours are offered by Oxalis, a Vietnam group. They provide for 4 days of exploration, with
specially mapped out routes, depending on your level of excitement. After navigating your way through
Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park and experiencing the breathtaking Hang Son Doong, you arrive at the
Great Wall of Vietnam.

It’s much more than a cultural experience. You will, however, likely develop friendships with Vietnam
locals and people from all over the world. Nearby villages are welcoming and courteous with foreigners
who are interested in exploring the Han Son Doong cave and appreciating its wonder.
It’s also a far cry from the densely populated cities. Chances are, you aren’t as interested in hitting up
night clubs as you are in seeing the only location of its kind in the world. You can avoid the risks and
expenses of transportation, lodging and restaurants.
Comparison to other caves in the world.

Largest known cave passage in the world
Largest known cave passage in the world

The Hang Son Doong is more than 5 kilometers long, and up to 0.2 kilometers tall. To offer some
perspective, let’s compare this with some of the other caves in the world, some of them a hundred times
as long as this Vietnamese national treasure.
Georgia is host to the deepest cave in the world. The New Athos caves is more than 2,000 kilometers
deep, and with 1 million cubic meters in volume, it’s about 1/40
the size of the Son Doong cave.

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Alternatively, The Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, USA, is the longest cave in the world. It expands more than 400 times
the length of the Hang Son Doong, and is a relic in terms of national tourist attractions, with a long
history of influence.

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