Vietnam Far Cry 5 Game
Vietnam Far Cry 5 Game

Enjoy a complete route through the main ecosystems of Laos and Cambodia in Vietnam, set during the Vietnam War also called the Second Indochina War, was a war fought between 1955 and 1975 to prevent the reunification of Vietnam under a socialist or communist government . In this war the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) participated, which was against the communists, with the support of the United States and other allied nations of the United States against the local guerrilla of the National Liberation Front of Vietnam. the situation that the DLC of Far Cry 5 presents, where the main mission is history, from the perspective of the main character, in first person, you will surround yourself with places full of vegetation in the jungle witnessed scenes fed from camps full of soldiers, helicopters , control areas full of Vietnamese soldiers …

During an invasion of American soldiers where the main character is abducted and has as mission to rescue his companions from the island full of Vietnamese and to escape! In different scenes we can relive the times of the war, where helicopters invaded the jungles after trying a blow on the Vietnamese residents who defended it, airplanes bombing camps, the different arms clashes between the soldiers. “Hours in the Dark” is the theme of the Video Game; where the character must sneak in the areas of a dense jungle, a sunset environment to avoid the Vietnamese soldiers and to be able to rescue their companions … You are alone in the jungle, you must have survival talents before the obstacles that will offer you the imposing nature of Vietnam before we can successfully escape and meet the objectives !.

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far cry 5 DLC
far cry 5 DLC

Far Cry 5 Hours in the Darkness Vietnam: you enter to all that adventure, you can relive the moments of the Vietnam War, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Vietnamese jungles equipped with action and wars, you will feel part of the place due to the diverse areas with very realistic graphics that describe a dense Vietnamese jungle full of obstacles and beautiful fauna despite the present situation, that way this game can be based on realism and at the same time learn about the history of Vietnam during those difficult times of the war, A time to recognize and raise awareness about how armed conflicts, wars and militarization have been and continue to be some of the most significant environmental destruction factors.

“Although humanity has always told its victims of war in terms of soldiers and civilians killed and wounded, cities and livelihoods destroyed, the environment has often been the forgotten victim. Water wells have been polluted, crops burned, forests cut down, soils poisoned and animals slaughtered to gain a military advantage. “

That is the story, knowledge and experience that Far Cry 5 “Hours in the Darkness” intends to share with you enjoying your Video Game based on those times in Vietnam.

Vietnam war game
Vietnam war game

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