Vietnam Visa Plane
Vietnam Visa Plane

Vietnam an interesting destination.
If your destinations include visiting Vietnam and you have ever imagined visiting a small desert similar to the Sahara with incredible sand dunes and you dream of navigating the spectacular Ha-Long Bay in the northeast part of this country, visit the interesting museum of the war, you must know that to make your visit to this country, you need to process a visa.

In Vietnam there are several types of visa.
Specifically in this country there are three types of visas that allow us to enter. There is a tourist visa, which provides the possibility of staying from one to three months, also the business visa, which enables us to travel from one to three months and finally, visas for other reasons whose validity is also from one to three months. It is important that when carrying out the procedures of your application, you have in consideration the number of entries that you will make to the country during your stay. This for the visa options mentioned below:

  • Single entry visa in one month.
  • Single entry visa in three months.
  • Multiple entry visa in one month.
  • Multiple entry visa in three months.
Passport Vietnam
Passport Vietnam

Visa procedure for Vietnam.
We present below the three different ways to process your visa:

  • Through the embassy: it is necessary that you go to the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in the country where you are, whether it is your country of origin or you are traveling in other countries at that time. It is important that you know that to make the application through this mode you must have your passport with a minimum validity of at least 6 months, not for the time of the application but (subsequent to the estimated date of your entry), a passport-sized photograph , fill out the form that is given to you at the embassy and make the payment of the visa.
  • E-visa: with a duration of about 5 working days, this procedure is done online, like the visa through the embassy, ​​you will need your passport to be valid for 6 months, enter your personal data and make the payment of the amount established. This type of visa has validity for 30 days and the possibility of a single entry.
  • Visa on arrival: it is necessary for you to be aware that this type of visa only serves to enter the country by air through a main airport (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang). First, you must request a letter of approval from the Vietnamese authorities, then print it and present it at the airport along with your passport (valid for at least 6 months), two passport photos and the payment for the visa
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Travel Vietnam
Travel Vietnam

What are you waiting for?
Get out there and explorer Vietnam !

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