Christmas in Vietnam
Christmas in Vietnam

What is the celebration of Christmas in Vietnam?
Christmas is part of the most important festivities of Christianity. During this celebration, the birth of Jesus Christ is commemorated; Catholics celebrate it during the afternoon of the 24th and lasts until December 25, some Protestant communities and a large part of the Orthodox Churches. On the other hand, it is celebrated on January 7 in some Orthodox churches such as Russia, this is because for them the reform made to the Julian calendar was not accepted and the Gregorian calendar was adopted, this name was given by its reformer, who It was Pope Gregory XIII. December 25 is a holiday in a large number of countries and is celebrated by millions of people around the world including a large number of people who do not practice Christianity.

Christmas in Vietnam in recent years.
Celebrating Christmas Day has become increasingly common in many countries around the world and especially in Vietnam in recent years, and while it is true that it is not part of the holidays, today Christmas is almost a common celebration for everyone including those who do not devote themselves to Christianity. In Hang Ma, a street in the old town of Hanoi, you can buy different types of decorations which allows you to quickly adapt to the Christmas spirit as soon as the winter season begins.

love is what Christmas is about
love is what Christmas is about

Christmas at Work and with the Family.
This day in Vietnam is celebrated in companies, institutions so everyone can have fun and celebrate Christmas, sharing warm messages, receive Santa Claus will enjoy the magic of Christmas Eve and some will dine with the family outside for this special occasion, it is also common that during the celebration of Christmas Day the relatives and friends who meet make exchanges between them, as well as ask for good wishes and on this day especially children receive gifts. During these days, you can see decorations for Christmas trees, which are made in many places, either a real tree trunk or an artificial tree, usually these trees are usually hung different types of decorations, although there are usually rings of bells, snow leopards, boots, gift packages and decorative lights as in Western countries.

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Religious Spirituality during Christmas.
The more than 240 thousand Christians who are in Vietnam, commemorate this special day in the cathedrals and villas, which are decorated with typical symbols of Christmas, and especially in the Cathedral of St. Joseph of Hanoi, this religious temple has a certain resemblance to the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris) and attracts many people. The two main cities of Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are highly active during Christmas and people usually celebrate Christmas in Catholic cathedrals.

Saigon City
Saigon City

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