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10 Vietnam facts


10 INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT VIETNAM The conical hat or Vietnamese hat.It is part of the symbols of this country, which is given many...
its a fact of Vietnam that Vietnamese villages are best explored by push bike.

Just Some Facts About Vietnam

Vietnam is a country, located in the Asian continent, specifically the region of the Indochinese peninsula. It is a country known for its armed conflict with the...
vietnam facts for kids

Vietnam Facts For Kids

Hey buddy! Would you like to learn interesting details about a very special place? Well you are in the right place, here you will know relevant data...
Vietnam war facts

Vietnam War Facts

Although several decades have passed, the war that developed in Vietnam became a fundamental part of the history of the US and of global history. Which we have seen...
Largest known cave passage in the world

Hang Sơn Đoòng worlds biggest cave !

Biggest Cave in the World, Vietnam Hang Sơn Đoòng is known as the biggest cave in the world. It’s a remarkable spot for tourists, not only for its enormous expanse and...
Three grown men on one scooter is a common sight amongst the organized chaos...

The fact is Vietnam traffic is ….

Vietnam Traffic Facts One of the top Vietnam facts is intense traffic. There are nearly 100 million people living in Vietnam, many of which ride on scooters. In densely populated areas,...
Kitchen god Ong Tao

Its a fact Vietnam has a Kitchen god Ong Tao!

Ong Tao Kitchen God One of the many interesting varieties of Vietnam facts, are cultural references to food and cooking. As a country steeped in a rich, ancestral background surrounded by...
It is a Vietnam fact that he feast of the first day, also known as TET is the most important festival on a Vietnamese calendar.

Tết, Vietnam’s New Year

"Chúc Mừng Năm Mới" that's the traditional Vietnamese greeting during Tet and it simply means, Happy New Year. so what is Tet? Tet is Vietnam's most important festival it celebrates rebirth...
Ho Chi Minh City
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Vietnam Football Team

Vietnam Sub-23 Soccer Team

Vietnam Football Players


Robin Williams

Good Morning Vietnam Cast

Vietcong Female

Vietnam War Chronology

Vietnam Airlines

Airlines of Vietnam

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