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Vietnam Flag

Five Facts of Vietnam

Vietnam could be seen as one of the most beautiful and perfect places to visit, thanks to its beautiful landscapes, the friendliness of its locals and the...
Kim Phuc

The amazing story of Kim Phuc “The girl of Napalm”

It is known that on June 8, 1972, a military plane from southern Vietnam, in coordination with the aggressor government, bombarded horribly with Napalm, a gelatinous gasoline...
Vietnamese Beauties

The beautiful Vietnamese women

Great diversity is an everyday part of the Asian reality. The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Korea and Japan are much more different from each other-from the...
Miss Vietnam 2018

Miss Vietnam 2018

H'Hen Niê, the Vietnam candidate in the Miss Universe 2018, captured all eyes at the start of the event, which took place on the night of December...
Nha Trang Vietnam City

Nha Trang Facts

It is a fact that Nha Trang is recognized mainly for its beautiful sandy beaches. However, there are also many entertainments for the whole family, where you...
Saigon City

Saigon Facts / Ho Chi Minh Facts

It is a fact that, Saigon was a city of Vietnam, which after its reunification became the current Ho Chi Minh City. A week before its fall,...
mui ne facts sanddune


One of the most famous beach destinations in southern Vietnam.Mui Ne, is a geographical cape that is located in the city of PhanThiet (capital of BinhThuan Province),...
Ho Chi Minh City
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